· Terms of Service

All participants of the entertainment game Hurricane Farms SIM Horse Club (HFSHC or HFSHC.COM) are required at all times to conduct themselves in a manner which is appropriate for all ages. HFSHC.COM is a service offered free of charge, and officials maintain the right to restrict access to any person, at any time, for any reason.

Article I: Age Restrictions
    (a) All participants must be 18 years of age or older to participate in HFSHC.COM services.

Article II: Conduct Responsibility
    (a) All participants are expected to act in a manner which is acceptable to the general public at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, obeying language restrictions listed in Article II (b), consucting oneself in a manner that is respectful to all members & staff, and not disturbing the general well being of the "club" atmosphere.

    (b) Language restrictions are to be strictly followed. Use of any words deemed unacceptable is forbidden and grounds for removal from the club. Restrictions apply to all areas of HFSHC.COM and all ways in which interaction with other HFSHC.COM members occurs, from the Community Center to private messages through MSN or AIM.

    (c) "SPAM", Harassment and "Chain" Mail
    Email addresses, private messenger contacts and other personal information obtained for use with HFSHC.COM services may not be used to send "SPAM", harrassment messages or "Chain" mail unless user has given explicit consent for use.

Article III: Violations of ToS Agreement
    (a) Article II violation is grounds for immediate removal from HFSHC.COM and its sub-sites.

    (b) Article II violation is grounds for immediate removal from HFSHC.COM and its sub-sites.

  Privacy Statement

While HFSHC.COM does not provide any guarantee that information submitted is secure from prying eyes, we do not sell or distribute any information gathered outside of HFSHC.COM purposes. Every member should expect to use his/her email address to participate in various club activities organized by other members, and a valid email address must be supplied to complete the joining process.

  The Chance to Own Your Dream

HFSHC gives you, as the player, the chance to own your dream - whether it's a beautiful racehorse, a multi-million dollar farm - or both! Best of all, there are no fees involved with membership, and, unlike many other games, everyone is on the same playing field (no premium players that purchase their way to the top!).